The Many Roles Of An Escort – Provided By Escorts Themselves

We recently did an interview with the London escorts from a very popular escort agency called Crush Escorts, having been in the industry for over 8 years we thought they would be perfect to give us an accurate insight on just what roles a day to day escort plays and so we would like to thank all the gorgeous girls that helped us produce the article below:

Classy and glamorous escorts are fun loving girls and the ultimate companion. These open-minded ladies are comfortable in any social environment and know how to adapt to any type of engagement situation. For some men, an escort is someone to lavish attention on, or to wine and dine in an upmarket restaurant. Other guys love to spend quality time with escorts because they provide a genuine girlfriend experience without any strings attached.

If you’re thinking about hooking up with a beautiful escort in, but feel that you need a justifiable reason for the intimate liaison, here are a few of the ways in which escorts can play an important role in your life…

The Confidante

High class and sophisticated escorts are highly attentive ladies who want you to enjoy a unique VIP experience. In their company you are the center of their attention. If you’re a regular client, you may have a favourite girl who you have established a high level of rapport with. In her company you instantly feel completely relaxed and adored. In this situation, it’s quite natural to develop an intimate bond. First timers, can expect to enjoy a connection like no other.

As your confidante, your escort offers a safe environment in which you can share your intimate and private secrets and wildest fantasies. You trust her and appreciate the care that she takes in making you feel listened to and special. This attentive lady does not judge, reject or ridicule you. She simply focuses on your pleasure and gratification satisfaction.

The Therapist

Some men who spend time in the company of stunning escorts in London do so because they have unresolved personal issues that do not allow them to form intimate connections with other women. The high class escort will therefore fill a personal void on many levels. In public settings, sophisticated escorts become social butterflies that love to mix and mingle. During private one-to-one liaisons, they are able to focus complete attention on the client’s unique needs.

Erotic desires can easily be explored with an open-minded escort. If you long to explore an alternative side of your personality and sexuality, as a welcome escape from a hectic lifestyle, hooking up on dates with escorts is a great therapeutic solution. Share your innermost secrets and explore your fantasy with role-play games on in-call and out-call appointments. Browse the Gallery of an agency to find the perfect hot girl to tend to your personal desires.

The Personal Adviser

Regular clients can enjoy the luxury of establishing on-going rapport with a dream girl. Over the course of weekly and monthly appointments you can easily build a special connection that you are both comfortable with. In this situation, you can seek advice knowing that your escort has only your best interest at heart.

It’s not uncommon for sophisticated and high class escorts to offer their opinion on personal matters like choosing the best gifts for the wife or girlfriend. Being fashionably aware also makes the glamorous escort the go-to girl for fashion makeover advice. The highly satisfied regular client greatly values the time he spends with his favourite escort and will shower her with gifts to prove it. Her exclusive input in his personal life is priceless to him.

The Arm Candy

Sometimes a guy just wants to be the center of attention. In the corporate world, having all eyes focused in your direction can help to elevate your professional status. Having a stunning and sexy escort on your arm, at a business function or social event, guarantees that you’ll achieve your attention goals.

Being personable and adaptable means that an exclusive escort never feels out of place in any social environment. She is the perfect arm candy companion to invite as your plus one guest to a lavish upscale wedding, a corporate occasion or a public party. To ensure optimal glances come your way, it’s a good idea to let your favourite girl know the appropriate dress code, when you make booking arrangements. As your arm candy, your gorgeous blonde, brunette or redhead companion will always look her very best and will flaunt her fabulous seductive smile.

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