5 Ways To Seduce Your Partner 

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There is a right and wrong way to use the power of seduction to your advantage. The way in which you use persuasive seduction techniques can greatly impact on your enjoyment and satisfaction of any intimate encounter. 

When meeting with her you’ll naturally want to pull out all the stops, and to woo your sophisticated companion in the correct manner.

 If you follow our practical guide which was helped put together by the girls at Sensual Touch Massage who we would like to thank massively, you can enjoy seduction success on your date with your dream girl…

So in not particular order we have:

  1. Pay Attention

It may seem obvious, but giving your undivided attention to someone requires practice. Although you won’t be able to take your eyes off your stunning girl, it’s easy to be distracted and less than adequately responsive in a social situation.

Focus solely on your companion and attentively listen to her responses when making polite, rapport building conversation. Women are naturally more responsive to the correct use of language. So speak softly and choose the right words for maximum flirting impact. Paying attention when talking with your escort companion will help you naturally pick up on topics so that the conversation easily flows.

  1. Make A Connection

Whilst it’s important to break the ice and cut the small talk, on a hot date, you also need to establish a proper connection. As you converse, use eye contact, body language and subtle touching to create a connection that is both physical and emotional. Mirror the body language signs and signals that your girl is displaying. Follow her clues and cues that show you that she’s ready to take the connection to the next intimate level.

When building rapport with conversation, keep it clean and don’t be tempted to use dirty talk as part of your seduction approach. Women respond best to words that are subtle, flirty and suggestive. If you want to seduce her mind and body, steer clear of smutty talk. Let her use her imagination by offering suggestions instead of stating the obvious.

  1. Be Yourself

Women appreciate a man who is confident in his own skin. You don’t need to put on an act to woo and seduce your date. Relax and just be yourself, and don’t forget to treat her like a lady. Being complimentary about your companions appearance, skills and talents is perfectly acceptable, but do your best to keep things simple and natural. Gushing all over your date really won’t do you any seduction favours.

No matter how nervous you may feel, especially on a first date with a beautiful woman, don’t put on a fake persona or use bravado. Relax, flirt and go with the flow. As the connection develops and grows between you, the seduction will also follow.

  1. Be Appealing 

Showing off impeccable manners and good grooming will greatly enhance your seduction appeal with the ladies. You’ll find your girl will  appreciate quality and the finer things in life. Make yourself as attractive as possible by presenting the best version of you. 

Look your best by dressing to impress in smart clothes that fit well. Use aromatic men’s fragrance to awaken her senses, and flaunt your personality. If you get this step right, you won’t even have to say a single word to seduce your companion!

  1. Understand How Seduction Works

Just to complicate everything, men and women simply don’t think and react in the same way when it comes to seduction. Whilst men are typically visual creatures, women appreciate attention to detail and a subtle approach. Do some research and explore a variety of different seduction techniques to see what works best for you. 

To master seduction requires time and patience, so don’t expect to automatically get it right on your first date. Learn how to use body language and eye contact to create a powerful seduction combo. Tantalise her with suggestion rather than by using sexual or sensual words. Seduction is about creating the perfect mood and rapport, for establishing and enjoying an intimate connection.

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