Why Everyone Should Use Online Dating

Why-Everyone-Should-Use-Online-Dating-3Were you on a date this Valentine’s Day? Did you go out to a restaurant like the olive garden or Macaroni Grill with a woman and look romantically into her eyes? Did you get some action on Valentine’s Day, or did you stay at home in your boxers watching porn on your apple ipad? The reason I ask, is that you didn’t have to be alone. Online dating could have saved you from an evening of pulling your purple headed porridge pumper. But for some reason, there seems to be a negative connotation associated with online dating. I understand how it got its reputation, but the game has changed in the past few years.

The last time I tried online dating was about ten years ago, and it was archaic. The profile took almost an hour to fill out, which turned me off immediately; but I thought that all of the information would be put to good use in matching me to my perfect mate. I was giving them way too much credit. The women I was supposed to harmonize with, if you will, were so far away from what I was looking for that I gave up on the whole thing.

My Experience With Dating Online

Why-Everyone-Should-Use-Online-Dating-2About a year ago, my friends started telling me that social media has now blurred the line between it and online dating, so the stigma has lessened quite a bit. So I decided it was time I tried online dating again; and I am glad I did. I chose OKCupid as my first site to check out, because it seems like one of the more popular ones out there. Guess what I encountered right off the bat. You guessed it: a long form of questions! I didn’t care, though, because I had an epiphany about it. I think that in the long run they will save time and frustration. They cover issues like religion, wanting kids, having kids, smoking, and other possible deal breakers that you might not think to ask about in the beginning. Plus, it gives you a list of characteristics that you should be thinking about when looking for a mate. You come away with something similar to a stats sheet, that you can easily compare to potential dates, to see immediate compatibility.

When women on OKcupid view your profile page, OKC let’s you know. This really appeals to me, because it is akin to finding out who looked at you at the club. It does not matter how casual or sly they might be about checking you out; you always know. You don’t see the expression on their face when they see you, but at least you know they looked. Then, of course, there are the messages. Not all of them are winners, but a vast majority of women do appear interesting. The way it is set up makes women safer, because they can talk to you at will. If you start to get weird, they can just disappear. The same goes for us, though; so if a girl starts to get too clingy, we can just say, “See ya’!” The great thing is that all of this is done from the comfort of your living room. Not only do you not have to dress up, you do not even have to dress at all!

Why-Everyone-Should-Use-Online-Dating-1No matter if you live in a big city like Los Angeles, or a small town, online dating, along with social networking and texting, has changed the landscape of modern consorting. You need to keep up with those changes in order to stay competitive. If you have forsaken online dating because you fear your friends may mock you for it, you are doing yourself a disservice. Grow some balls, and get into the world of online dating. You’ll thank yourself next Valentine’s day.