How Technology Is Changing Dating

How-Technology-Is-Changing-Dating-3Isn’t technology a great thing? What used to take up a whole room to compute the square root of 64 can now be done using an app on your iphone . It is amazing just how far we have come with the aid of technology; but it has changed dating forever. We used to set up a date for Friday night more than a week in advance, then take the girl out for dinner and conversation. Now, we text a girl a few acronyms, and then meet up a few hours later to hang out. We connect on social media, rather than in physical places, and we send messages rather than talking on the phone. Here are some ways to navigate the present world of dating using texting, Facebook, Twitter , and Instagram.

Texting is probably the most important tool for modern dating . It is far more convenient than the telephone conversations of old. Let’s face it, talking on the telephone can be very difficult and awkward, especially when you like the girl a lot. You can put your foot in your mouth, or run out of things to say. You can get nervous and forget where you were going in your conversation, or you can just sound like a dweeb. All of those problems are eliminated when we use texting. Communication can be instantaneous, or the two parties can answer after long periods of time; whenever it is convenient for them. But as good as it can be, it has its pitfalls as well. When do you text? If you just dropped her off at her house, is it too soon to text her and tell her you had a good time? Some say that can come off as needy. I like to wait until the next day before I text her. Another problem a guy can run into when texting is that just like an email, there is no tone of voice. The girl might read it in an angrier tone than you wrote it; or you may take her comment in a more sexual way than she intended. So be careful not to jump to conclusions about tone. Plus, autocorrect can sometimes change a word so it is not the word you tried to type. In fact, there are entire websites devoted to the funny examples of real world autocorrect fails. Make sure you read carefully what you text, and don’t get freaked out by anything she texts, until you confirm the validity of her intent.

How-Technology-Is-Changing-Dating-2Facebook is so ingrained in our society now that nearly everyone is on it. Not all people are daily users, but most check their accounts at least once a week or more. Facebook is another great way of communicating with a prospective date. Instead of having to ask about family and friends, it’s all right there on the girl’s profile. But this can be a curse as well as a blessing. She can see all of the girls with whom you are photographed, and places you have been tagged. Lets say you were on vacation with the boys in Las Vegas and one of your friends broke the man code and tagged you at Cheetas, or Spearmint Rhino before you even noticed. Next thing you know you come home to pissed off girl friend. So be careful what you post on your profile, and what you keep there. You might even want to do a little “spring cleaning” of your Facebook page before asking a girl out. It will save you frustration in the long run.

Twitter can be an excellent mechanism for meeting and talking to girls. If a girl responds to one of your tweets, you can always message her privately. Just be careful not to tweet your message out to all of your followers, like that public official did with the photos of his johnson. Speaking of people in the public eye, you know professional athletes are using Twitter to connect to girls in cities they will be visiting for away games. Why not use Twitter to your advantage, just like they do?

Instagram is now seeing as many participants as Facebook, and here they post many more revealing photos. By now, most people have limited access to their Facebook accounts, but they fail to do so on Instagram. So be careful that you limit access in your settings on Instagram, as well.

How-Technology-Is-Changing-Dating-1Follow these words of advice, and you, too will be able to navigate the tricky world of dating using social media to your advantage.