Sex Dating A Cheaper Alternative To Escorts

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Sex-Dating-A-Cheaper-Alternative-To-EscortsWe have all been there. We need to get laid, but do not want to have to pay for it. The fact of the matter, however, is that all sex costs money. When you are in a relationship, and you have sex, you always have to pay in one way or another. If you are living together, you pay the bills, you do chores, you take care of her. Even if you do not live in the same place, you have to pay to take her out to dinner, a concert, a movie, or where ever you two are spending time. Even if you both split everything financially, you have to pay by way of your time and energy when you listen to her drone on about her Twitter and Tumblr followers and how she hates the women at the nail salon. So, even if you have a steady girl friend, from which you are almost guaranteed sex at regular intervals; you have to pay to get it.

Social sex is when you look for a girl in a social situation

Now that we have established the fact that all sex costs something, we can get on to the issue at hand. If you are not in a relationship of some sort through which you can garner sex, then what are your choices. Well, you basically have three alternatives. First, you have social sex, which is where you go to a dance club or a bar, and try to pick up a chick ( learn more here) for a sexual encounter. Advantages are few, with the only exception being involved in a dance off, before social sex, like in the movie “Austin Powers in Goldmember,” where Austin Powers dances off against Brittany Spears. Other than that possible pro, the cons of social sex are comprised of a myriad of negatives, like having to pay for admission, drinks, valet, coat check, and tips up the wazoo.

Another option for erotic love is an escort

Sex-Dating-A-Cheaper-Alternative-To-Escorts-2Your second option for erotic love is arranging a date with an escort. Pros of using pros are that they are reliable, and usually discreet. Read an erotic love review here. Because prostitution is illegal in every state except Nevada, it is in both of your best interest to keep this erotic love activity under wraps. Unless you are using a high profile escort service, which could get indicted by a grand jury, revealing all the names of the patrons; chances are that you are safe using an escort service. If, however, you are using a street hooker for erotic love, be very careful of your surroundings. Police love to stake out those types of places and arrest johns. Some counties even have a practice of publishing the pictures and names of convicted johns as a way to dissuade the practice. Other than these obvious cons, are the cost, which can range anywhere between a hundred dollars and a few thousand, and the possibility that she might have a sexually transmitted disease. These two detractions along with the stigma of prostitution make this option a no go for most guys.

Sex dating is the cheapest option

The third option, and I think the best option, is sex dating. There are so many sex dating sites out there to choose from that you are sure to find one that fits your style. Whether, you are in a relationship, looking for sex only, or into whips and chains, there is something for every one on the internet. If you are not into the same old regular sex that most girls are, you can join a specialty site. The plethora of sites, along with the drive for competition means that they are really trying to win your business. That results in lower prices and more benefits for what you buy. When you are on a sex dating site, you do not have to worry about paying for dinner or drinks. Both you and the girl are there because none of that is expected. You can bypass all of the b.s., and go on to getting laid. When you think about how many different girls you can have sex with on a sex dating site, the small amount of money that you have to pay to join is minuscule compared with amount of beaver you can pet. When compared to the cost of escorts, sex dating really is the clear winner.

Why I Think You Should Become A Swinger

Why-I-Think-You-Should-Become-A-Swinger-3I am a swinger from Portland Oregon. I’ve been swinging for approximately three years now, and I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. I am always trying to recruit people into the lifestyle. Oh, that’s what we swingers like to call ourselves; we are in “the lifestyle.” Whenever I talk to other people about being in the lifestyle, they always ask me why I think they should become a swinger. I like to emphasize the three most important aspects of swinging: getting to live out your wildest fantasies, making the relationship with your mate stronger, and making the best friends you could ever imagine!

To begin, most people have misconceptions about swinging. They think we are sex crazed, amoral outcasts of society. The truth, however, is that we are responsible people with jobs, families, and friends. I am a professional writer, while my wife is business woman. We are just as morally centered as any one else. We didn’t chose swinging because we were bored with life or each other, or because our relationship wasn’t good. We kind of fell into swinging after about six years of marriage. We had a terrific sex life, but we had always talked about perhaps bringing a woman into the bedroom. To make a long story short, an opportunity presented itself one night in the form of a woman flirting with both of us at a bar. We brought her home, and had the most incredible night of sexual pleasure that either of us had ever experienced. After that we were hooked. We already knew a couple who were swingers, so we asked if we could go to one of their parties. We’ve been in the lifestyle ever since.

Three Points To Consider

Why-I-Think-You-Should-Become-A-Swinger-1Now, onto the incredible benefits of living the lifestyle. First, you get to live out your wildest fantasies. As I mentioned before, my wife and I had a great sex life before we started swinging; but we had some fantasies that we couldn’t fulfill alone. Have you ever wanted to be with two women at the same time? Has your wife ever wanted to be with two men at the same time? Have you ever wanted to be in a room with ten different naked women, and get to take your pick of them? Would you want to experience an orgy? All of these experiences and more can be had in the lifestyle. Furthermore, because swinging is usually done at a party, there are often toys and apparatuses as well. I had never even seen a sex swing before going to a swinger party, but I sure am glad I have now!

Second, your relationship actually gets stronger. It seems counter-intuitive, but when a couple swings, they find out even more about their mate than they ever knew. Fulfilling sexual fantasy and bringing pleasure to your spouse makes her lover you even more. Plus, sexual discovery can lead to learning about oneself and one’s significant other. If your mate experiences something they enjoy, then you can emulate that in your own sexual play. After a party, we are always teaching each other the new techniques we learned, and it makes our sex lives even better. Furthermore, I feel closer to her, knowing that we can share each other, and yet we still love each other. That my friends is true love!

Why-I-Think-You-Should-Become-A-Swinger-2Third, you make incredible friends! Most of the lifestyle interactions take place at a party. There are people talking and laughing and having a terrific time. I have had some of the most intellectual conversations at these parties, too; so it’s not all silly banter either. You see a lot of the same people, because the swinger scene is a close knit one. Sharing a sexual experience with friends is kind of like going on vacation with them, and it evokes intense feelings of camaraderie.

Trust me, all you have to do is try the lifestyle once, and you will be hooked, too. When you consider the benefits of living out your fantasies, strengthening your relationship, and creating new friendships; the choice is a no brainer.

Why Everyone Should Use Online Dating

Why-Everyone-Should-Use-Online-Dating-3Were you on a date this Valentine’s Day? Did you go out to a restaurant like the olive garden or Macaroni Grill with a woman and look romantically into her eyes? Did you get some action on Valentine’s Day, or did you stay at home in your boxers watching porn on your apple ipad? The reason I ask, is that you didn’t have to be alone. Online dating could have saved you from an evening of pulling your purple headed porridge pumper. But for some reason, there seems to be a negative connotation associated with online dating. I understand how it got its reputation, but the game has changed in the past few years.

The last time I tried online dating was about ten years ago, and it was archaic. The profile took almost an hour to fill out, which turned me off immediately; but I thought that all of the information would be put to good use in matching me to my perfect mate. I was giving them way too much credit. The women I was supposed to harmonize with, if you will, were so far away from what I was looking for that I gave up on the whole thing.

My Experience With Dating Online

Why-Everyone-Should-Use-Online-Dating-2About a year ago, my friends started telling me that social media has now blurred the line between it and online dating, so the stigma has lessened quite a bit. So I decided it was time I tried online dating again; and I am glad I did. I chose OKCupid as my first site to check out, because it seems like one of the more popular ones out there. Guess what I encountered right off the bat. You guessed it: a long form of questions! I didn’t care, though, because I had an epiphany about it. I think that in the long run they will save time and frustration. They cover issues like religion, wanting kids, having kids, smoking, and other possible deal breakers that you might not think to ask about in the beginning. Plus, it gives you a list of characteristics that you should be thinking about when looking for a mate. You come away with something similar to a stats sheet, that you can easily compare to potential dates, to see immediate compatibility.

When women on OKcupid view your profile page, OKC let’s you know. This really appeals to me, because it is akin to finding out who looked at you at the club. It does not matter how casual or sly they might be about checking you out; you always know. You don’t see the expression on their face when they see you, but at least you know they looked. Then, of course, there are the messages. Not all of them are winners, but a vast majority of women do appear interesting. The way it is set up makes women safer, because they can talk to you at will. If you start to get weird, they can just disappear. The same goes for us, though; so if a girl starts to get too clingy, we can just say, “See ya’!” The great thing is that all of this is done from the comfort of your living room. Not only do you not have to dress up, you do not even have to dress at all!

Why-Everyone-Should-Use-Online-Dating-1No matter if you live in a big city like Los Angeles, or a small town, online dating, along with social networking and texting, has changed the landscape of modern consorting. You need to keep up with those changes in order to stay competitive. If you have forsaken online dating because you fear your friends may mock you for it, you are doing yourself a disservice. Grow some balls, and get into the world of online dating. You’ll thank yourself next Valentine’s day.

What I’ve Learned About Threesomes

What-I've-Learned-About-Threesomes-2Guys often ask me advice about having threesomes. Most of the questions are about how to procure a Threesome. They want to know how to find a woman who will actually want to share them with another woman, and then finding a second woman who feels the same way. It is an understandable challenge. But what do you do once you are in a threesome? Aye, there is the rub . If you do not handle the threesome properly, then you are liable to ruin the relationships you have with both women. Knowing the simple rules of threesomes will help you navigate the tricky waters that are sure to flow. Let’s talk about the threesome that nearly every guy is interested in: the one with two women, where one is your wife or girlfriend.

What-I've-Learned-About-Threesomes-1The first thing you need to do is establish the rules. This will absolutely affect the relationship with your girlfriend or spouse, so you must be totally clear about limits that you are both comfortable with. Your wife or girlfriend my not want you to actually have intercourse with the other woman. She could conceivably forbid you from orally pleasing the woman, too, so you need to define the limits beforehand. The second woman has her own limits, so you need to be aware of these as well. Even with all rules established before any action starts, it is quite possible that your woman could get jealous while it is occurring, so try to be constantly aware of her feelings throughout the ordeal. I would advise spending more time on your spouse or girlfriend than on the second woman. You may never see the second woman again after that night, but you will be with your woman hopefully a lot longer.

Some Objectives To Keep In Mind

Objective One: be as generous as possible. Sure your fantasy might be of two women falling over themselves to show you pleasure, but the reality is that all three of you are there for bliss. Try to keep your hands and mouth active and moving at all times. I guarantee that if you are giving of yourself toward the pleasure of the ladies, the attention will come around to you, too. Just be patient, and go wherever the experience takes you.

Objective Two: use caution with penetration. You are not staring in a Hollywood movie, or even a porno. As I mentioned before, your woman might not even be okay with you having full intercourse with the other woman. But if she does, you still need to be careful. Don’t just jump into it right away. Try to wait until both women are very turned on, and comfortable with you and the situation. Sex is something that instantly connects you to the woman you are having sex with, so you need to remember the other woman there. Don’t focus all of your attention on either woman. Instead, try to kiss and touch both of them equally, even while you are inside one of them. A natural byproduct of penetration is ejaculation, and because the whole scene is so exciting, you may be more apt to explode too soon. Be aware of this, and move slowly. If you do have an orgasm before the ladies, make sure you keep pleasuring them until every one has climaxed.

Objective Three: Be safe. If you are in a committed relationship, ask the second woman ahead of time to get tested. If all three of you are safe, it lets you relax on the night it happens, and not worry about safe sex. If there is not time to get tested, then remember to use condoms. Furthermore, you should try to use your right hand for one woman, and your left hand for the other woman. You do not want anyone to cross contaminate anybody else. This will help insure you do not pass bacteria from one lady to another.

What-I've-Learned-About-Threesomes-3If you establish the rules ahead of time, and remember to follow the three objectives outlined above, you should have no problems maneuvering through the mine field of threesomes. If fact, you should have a pretty darn good time!

How Technology Is Changing Dating

How-Technology-Is-Changing-Dating-3Isn’t technology a great thing? What used to take up a whole room to compute the square root of 64 can now be done using an app on your iphone . It is amazing just how far we have come with the aid of technology; but it has changed dating forever. We used to set up a date for Friday night more than a week in advance, then take the girl out for dinner and conversation. Now, we text a girl a few acronyms, and then meet up a few hours later to hang out. We connect on social media, rather than in physical places, and we send messages rather than talking on the phone. Here are some ways to navigate the present world of dating using texting, Facebook, Twitter , and Instagram.

Texting is probably the most important tool for modern dating . It is far more convenient than the telephone conversations of old. Let’s face it, talking on the telephone can be very difficult and awkward, especially when you like the girl a lot. You can put your foot in your mouth, or run out of things to say. You can get nervous and forget where you were going in your conversation, or you can just sound like a dweeb. All of those problems are eliminated when we use texting. Communication can be instantaneous, or the two parties can answer after long periods of time; whenever it is convenient for them. But as good as it can be, it has its pitfalls as well. When do you text? If you just dropped her off at her house, is it too soon to text her and tell her you had a good time? Some say that can come off as needy. I like to wait until the next day before I text her. Another problem a guy can run into when texting is that just like an email, there is no tone of voice. The girl might read it in an angrier tone than you wrote it; or you may take her comment in a more sexual way than she intended. So be careful not to jump to conclusions about tone. Plus, autocorrect can sometimes change a word so it is not the word you tried to type. In fact, there are entire websites devoted to the funny examples of real world autocorrect fails. Make sure you read carefully what you text, and don’t get freaked out by anything she texts, until you confirm the validity of her intent.

How-Technology-Is-Changing-Dating-2Facebook is so ingrained in our society now that nearly everyone is on it. Not all people are daily users, but most check their accounts at least once a week or more. Facebook is another great way of communicating with a prospective date. Instead of having to ask about family and friends, it’s all right there on the girl’s profile. But this can be a curse as well as a blessing. She can see all of the girls with whom you are photographed, and places you have been tagged. Lets say you were on vacation with the boys in Las Vegas and one of your friends broke the man code and tagged you at Cheetas, or Spearmint Rhino before you even noticed. Next thing you know you come home to pissed off girl friend. So be careful what you post on your profile, and what you keep there. You might even want to do a little “spring cleaning” of your Facebook page before asking a girl out. It will save you frustration in the long run.

Twitter can be an excellent mechanism for meeting and talking to girls. If a girl responds to one of your tweets, you can always message her privately. Just be careful not to tweet your message out to all of your followers, like that public official did with the photos of his johnson. Speaking of people in the public eye, you know professional athletes are using Twitter to connect to girls in cities they will be visiting for away games. Why not use Twitter to your advantage, just like they do?

Instagram is now seeing as many participants as Facebook, and here they post many more revealing photos. By now, most people have limited access to their Facebook accounts, but they fail to do so on Instagram. So be careful that you limit access in your settings on Instagram, as well.

How-Technology-Is-Changing-Dating-1Follow these words of advice, and you, too will be able to navigate the tricky world of dating using social media to your advantage.

Does Size Really Matter?

Does-Size-Really-Matter-1Many men and women have asked me this question, and I have a hard and fast answer: it depends. Am I talking to a guy or a girl? Girls generally feel that size is not an issue. The widely held belief is that how the man uses it is more important than size. However, if a man doesn’t know how to use his rod, then having a larger sized one can make up for not having the inherent skill. Interesting fact the largest penis on record is 13.5 inches

When we are talking about the size of a man’s member, how big is big? Well, the average size of the Male beef baton is between 5.6 and 6.2 inches in length. Average girth comes in between 4.6 and 5.2 inches. Most beavers would be completely filled with a less than average man’s wand. But just filling it is not enough. You have to know what to do with it. Knowing the anatomy of a woman’s vagina helps, so that you know what areas to try to hit. One of the most important areas is on the wall closest to the hair. In the middle or so of that wall should be her G-Spot. Some men can reach this better from the missionary position or from the rear, depending on how his man scepter is shaped. Is fast or slow better? I think it is best to vary the pace, but slow seems to work better for a lot of women. Plus, I find it too easy to ejaculate quickly if my pace is too fast. Another thing that will make you better is listening to her. She will tell you what feels good, either verbally or through groaning. Respond appropriately and you can’t go wrong.

Does-Size-Really-Matter-2Almost every woman I have ever spoken to would rather have a man with a thicker unit than a longer one, but for a minority, longer is better. There is a small group of women who only want a man with a large meat stick. These women are referred to as “Size Queen” Some of them got used to a man with a large bald headed yogurt slinger, and now can never go back. Other women in this category have loosened squish mittens as a result of child birth. For these women, only a man with a large statue of puberty will do.

For guys, it’s more of an issue. Guys want to compare the size of their Manhood with that of their friends and rivals. They think that if they have a bigger one eyed trouser trout than the next guy, then they will better satisfy any and all women. Some guys take it all the way to the belief that a large purple helmeted soldier of love is the key to true happiness. Case in point, when I was in high school, I was on the football team. One day when we were all in the locker room, one dude was telling everybody about a movie he saw where all the guys put a buck in a pool, and whoever had the biggest penis would win the pool. Now, I just happen to have been blessed with a slightly above average beanpole in both length and girth; nothing to brag about, but enough to hold my own in a competition. I wasn’t worried, but I advised my friend that I didn’t think it was a good idea. Looking back now, it seems a little weird; but we were used to seeing every one naked in the locker room anyway, so it didn’t seem that strange at the time. Anyhow, when all was said and done, my friend, who has a respectable six and a half inches, felt inferior to guys he had always beaten on the field. After that experience, he wasn’t as good of a player, because he had lost a lot of that bravado that came with being dominant on the field. In fact, he ended up not even making the team the next year. He was one of the best tacklers I’d ever seen, and I thought he’d go pro one day, but he just lost all of his confidence.

Does-Size-Really-Matter-3When it comes to the size of your penis, you should be happy with it. Whether it’s an anaconda or a garter snake , you can learn techniques to help you reach the goal of giving your girl pleasure. Plus, most women don’t even care about how big it is. Remember, it’s not the size of the boat; it’s the motion in the ocean.